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    Electrical Symbols & Electronic Symbols

    All Electrical and Electronic Symbols. Collection of circuit symbols, for consultation and interpretation of schematic diagrams of electrical and electronic circuits

    Electrical and electronic symbology graphically represents the components of electrical and electronic circuits. In any electronic diagram or electrical scheme the symbols show the different elements in a multi-wired or single-line graphical form.
    As there is no single standard nowadays, most of the schematic symbols presented here are represented with the main international standards.

    Electronic Schematic

    Electrical & Electronic Symbols

    All Schematic Symbols Electric and Electronic of yesterday and today

    Electronic Circuit

    Basic Electrical Symbols

    Electrical Symbols essential for amateur and student knowledge.

    Electrical Symbols in PDF

    Electrical Symbols in PDF

    Graphic files of Electrical and Electronic Symbology for download in PDF format.

    Periodic Table of Electronic Symbols

    Periodic table of Electronic Symbols

    View and freely download the periodic table of Electronic Symbology in different formats

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